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there is currently more than 2 000 000 items at the catalog

What is SysTEK?
SysTEK is a catalogue of electronic components available through web-interface to http://www.systek.ru/. There are more than 1 000 000 names in this catalogue at present.

What does the abbreviation SysTEK mean?
The abbreviation SysTEK means System of Trading Electronic Components. In the beginning the aim of this system was to create virtual trading area for a marketplace of electronic components. The system of technical support has been realizing in the same time and for a time being it is the main direction of project.

Why is your system useful for us?
The main benefit of SysTEK is a possibility to get reliable information about various electronic components in a short time. The information about every position in our big guide is trustworthy because it has been gathered from original technical sources of manufacturers. Besides, all information has been processed and verified by qualified specialists carefully. For this reason you can always define more precisely every name of different components. As a result of your searching you get information about manufacturer, reference to web-interface with technical documentation for necessary component. Also you can get the list of analogues for some components. Registered users can get functional description for necessary component. Sometimes the information about type of package, temperature ranges and some other main features of electronic component are listed. If the base of SysTEK contains the datasheet about requisite component you will see the symbol of pdf-file. In the event if you use the copy of file's archive of SysTEK on special CD (see below) you will get great possibility to take information you are interested in simply with help of click a symbol and without any losses of time and money.

How can I use SysTEK?
Click Catalogue in order to find and verify the name of component you are interested in, to get technical documentation and possible analogues.

How can I find technical information about electronic component in SysTEK?
You can do it very simply:

• click Catalogue to open the page of catalogue;
• enter full name of component (as soon as it possible) into appeared window and click [Search];
• choose necessary component from the list of names you have gotten and click.

The list has been received by such way contains references to web-interface with technical features, brief functional description, the name of manufacturer for requisite component as well as for supposed analogues of this component. We refresh all technical documentation is in our base constantly and write the copy of it to CD but only for positions in front of that you can see pdf's symbol. Thus, if our CD is installed in your CD-ROM drive the web-browser will make reference to compact disk and will open file for looking through. Warning! The letter D ought to name your CD-ROM drive.

Warning! If you use Internet Explorer for web-browser 6.0 Version you will need for viewing CD:

• open in the options of web-browser the bookmark 'Security' (through to 'Tools' - Internet options);
• install 'Trusted sites';
• add https://www.systek.ru/

Note! If you don't keep all conditions, which were mentioned above, browser will not open local file from CD in accordance with Security installation.

How can I look for analogue with help of SysTEK?
The search of analogue is the same as the foregoing search of technical documentation. In the event if analogues for your component are in the base of SysTEK, you will receive the list with possible equivalents during the search of web-reference or datasheet with general information about component at the same time.

What does it mean 'List of supposed analogues? Is it absolutely complete analogues?
The analogues in this list are not absolutely complete equivalents to components. Supposed analogue is the equivalent to component with very close technical features, consequently it can be substitute for solution to some problems considering necessary definite conditions.

What kind of information is listed in the 'Table of components and it's analogues in the stock of our suppliers'?
This table shows components or analogues, which are in the stock of our suppliers (participants of SysTEK). Besides, you can always see issue quantity of components and insertion's date of this information in the table.

Can I order components, which are pointed in tables of Traisel's stock and stocks of Traisel's suppliers? And how can I do it?
Yes you can. The main direction of our work is supply with electronic components from stock and to the order. There is UIN ICQ of our sale managers under every table for quick connection. If you would like to get more information or have some question, please do not hesitate to contact our sales managers.

Why is your registration effective?
User can get the unique name for CD-ROM drive with help of Registration in SysTEK. It will be very effective in the event if several hard disks are installed in the system or if a hard disk is divided into several logical disks. Contact information of user has been registered is placed in SysTEK's database and is used for furthers contacts in order to identify users. All information about registered users is strongly confidential and will not be spread nor under any pretext.

What is your CD with technical documentation?
It is standard CD contains pdf-files from files archive of SysTEK.

How can I economize web-traffic if I will use your CD?
The idea of saving web-traffic is that catalogue of SysTEK is used as web-pointer and files are situated on CD in the computer of user, consequently pdf-files are downloaded from CD, but not from web-site.

What do I need in order to browse your CD?
You need a computer with CD-ROM drive and access to Internet.

How do you make the content of CD? What is the main principle of it?
In the beginning we put on CD all information has been gathered in SysTEK. But the volume constantly rises so for this reason we have decided to make thematic CD. For a time being we start to place archive at DVD.

Where and how can I get CD? How much is it cost?
At present you can get CD in the office of Traisel Ltd. without money in order that you will be able to appreciate advantages of our service.

What sources lie in the base of technical documentation?
We use original CD and web-interfaces with datasheets from manufacturers. Our base has information about modern new components as well as about components has not designed anymore.

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